Books & Magazines Using Print on Demand *

We recently published our own SciFi book using Print-on-Demand printing. The book is 360 pages, 6" x 9", quality paper, full color cover front and back, perfect bound, and looks and feels just like any quality paperback you'd buy from Borders. Cost was $4.40 per book and you can order ONE at a time (or as many as you wish). Delivery to your post box in around 6/7 days. And, it was available on Amazon in Print and Kindle within a day or two as well as being a part of the book-store-supply-chain ordering system as well.

Startup to Best Seller

The point in this is that Print on Demand changes the basic economics of getting your book into print, listed on Amazon, available for order by the book supply chain to bookstores, and up and going on Kindle too.

No inventory, no front end printing costs for at least 1,000 books, no waiting for a "publisher" to get around to printing your book - usually 1 to 2 years! You can have yours in a week or so. Granted it has to be ready, but that is another matter.

Business Uses

As part of your creating you and your company as a "thought-leader" in your field you can have your ideas & concepts in book form as handouts or for sale showing your "established and thought-leadership" ideas in print. Including, of course, market-tailored catalogs as well. You think you could do it all on the internet? Of course, but without the impact and value of print.

The point being that you integrate print with internet - they work together.

Oh, and you can back it up with magazines and newsletters also printed one at a time too.

* Of course, when you KNOW you need 1,000 copies or more, then you print them up using standard offset printers as that cost-per-copy is lowest. Until then, however, you go Print on Deman.

One Media Is Not Better Than The Other

They work together. Your goal: engagement, long-term attention, conversions, and repeat customers.

So first off we show you that our goals are your goals. We are great internet designers and deployers and we are great multi-media coordinators too.
We aim for the retention, the engagement, and the conversions. That is, after all is said and done, what you want too!