Something Awesome Has Happened

Well, ah, it's us. Working with Skyborough is awesome.

We've listed below our capabilities.


Chinese Menu Choices

You can pick one from Column A, two from Column B, or mix one Column A for every two you choose from Column B... except for weekends when you can just choose what you want.

We design webpages directly in WordPress itself. While we can work with designs created in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator we ourselves work directly within WordPress. That enables  us to offer nearly immediate design change previews for our clients. And, of course, fast turn arounds. Everything we do is fully mobile responsive from the get-go.

When working with Agencies we do need your overall design concept and all the individual design pieces that are used on separate layers from Photoshop. Often, however, the webpage created is close but not exactly the same as the original concept piece provided.

We also "can" create Flash animations even though they are rarely called for anymore.

Our Capabilities Column A

Listed in no particular order:

  • 8,500 Typefaces
  • Full access to Google Fonts for web design
  • Create our own WordPress themes
  • WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin for WordPress) - in depth experience with using this eCommerce software.
  • We work in Windows 10
  • Full licensed access to MS Office suite of programs
  • In-depth experience with book publishing using CreateSpace and  Blurb "print-on-demand" systems
  • Ran 8 Adwords campaigns - rather work with SEM vs. SEO.
  • We do not do SEO ourselves - when needed we farm it out.
  • Highly experienced in creating our own WordPress themes.
  • High speed internet access
  • High experience with Catalog Product photography - which is very different from "art" photography which we do not do. Product photography is focused on creating a photography system approach to keep individual product picture cost low but keeping quality high - just no time spent on normal fussing with things. This is essential for catalogs with 1,000's of products.
  • WordPress experts
  • Website development since it was a item on the menu... well, ok, since 1990 or so. That is "way back" requiring use of the "way back machine."
  • We also create standard Html websites along with WordPress sites, however, our preference is WordPress.

Our Capabilities Column B

Listed in no particular order.

  • Full license to all Adobe CC ("CC" is Creative Cloud) programs
  • In-House 8,000 royalty free photos and access to Adobe Stock with our CC license.
  • Expert experience with PhotoShop
  • Highly experienced with InDesign
  • Mid-level experience with Illustrator
  • In-depth experience creating Flash experiences (not used much anymore)
  • Programming experience in:
    • JavaScript
    • Html
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • Mobile App development for Android and iPhone
    • Creating WordPress plugins
  • SmartSound Library of 810 music pieces
    • This is not the place to explain SmartSound - but suffice here: complete control over music editing, controlling tempo, add/subtract tracks, change the whole feel of the music piece and much more.
  • 20 Years Experience with both Web and Print design and production.
  • Print - printed over 6,.5 million pieces for every type of use with knowledge of what printers match what demands.
  • We can show how to combine both Print and Web together as mutually supportive media.
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