eCommerce is wholly different kettle of fish

It does not matter how you first create your eCommerce site, it will change, usually before you finish it the first time. Prices, quantities, subscriptions vs. one time buying, and email lists, and inventory and sales tax, and shipping costs related to end buyers' addresses and on and on.

It is something we do well, though.

And we like to be honest here and tell you upfront: unless you have a dedicated, knowledgeable, mostly full time, in-house eCommerce administrator, then you will not be handling this on your own. 

eCommerce is a lot of stuff to juggle

skyborough ecommerceThere is a lot more concerning setting up, running, accepting payments, order fulfillment, SEO/SEM, security, out bound emails... to name a few... that meets the eye when creating an eCommerce site.

We say that because from time to time we do deal with potential clients who think it is easy to set up an eCommerce site.

Well. it is much more complex that you may wish it it to be. Best bet is to accept the complexity and all its details and to set a realistic budget for it all.

And, not the least of which is the whole issue of marketing which includes, at a minimum, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, all of the social media as well.

We're not trying to overwhelm you, but, to be realistic about it all. It is a big operation.


Fulfillment has to scale up even though for a new site it starts off rather modestly. We can think in both of these spheres and recommend inexpensive initial fulfillment but not limit your growth as it scales up.


Nothing matters more than conversions which means: people buy your merchandise from your website. Often, like it or not, over-designing an eCommerce site may not help at all. Note: amazon and ebay as examples of KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Your Investment

Creating an eCommerce website is not much different in overall ingredients from a bricks and mortar store. You have to have a budget you can live with.