Skyborough Learning Management Development

We really think that this learning management systems approach is valuable for lots of reasons. First off it is inherently engaging. Once signed up, your visitor is with you for a long while. LMS uses all the media but really focuses on tailored videos some of which are shown below.

lms-system-5 copy


Whether paid for or not, membership engages tight analytics


The opportunity for multi-media: video, text, images, actions, voice-overs, and music is replete.


This word holds two meanings: competency and analytics.


Tests just let student and teacher how they are doing.


Lessons not only teach, they engage and they show customers how

Lesson Groups

The grouping helps students to measure how it all works and matches membership types.

Both of the below movies were created by Skyborough Group. They add big value to a website as they show and teach what is possible and are, of course, very engaging.