We Develop Mobile APPs & WordPress Plugins

Mobile APP Development

You know that mobile is here... right? So there is no reason now not to tailor your web application for mobile and put it into operation. You do this to focus on your customers on the mobile platform and to make it easier for them to buy from you.

WordPress Plugin Development

We are enthusiastic WordPress Developers. Often, the best way to tailor your WordPress site is through your own Plugin development.
We offer a  unique perspective: extraordinary coding skills a strong business sense combined with great design.

100% U.S. Based

And, we offer something that matters: all our work is done in the U.S. (no offshoring) and we all speak English as our first language. So, you are safe in knowing that we know your market and can translate your expectations into reality without getting it lost in translation.

Wonderful Portfolio

Shown below is a portion of our extensive portfolio of completed WordPress Plugins and Mobile APPs for a wide variety of companies.




David - Mostly Design

Corporate Background

David has a strong cross departmental experience-set. Originally, Dave worked as CEO and founder of two Wall Street merger, acquisition and corporate tax shelter companies. Each company worked both as an investor in our own transactions along with inviting corporate investors as well. And we closed quite a few billions of dollars of business mostly with Fortune 1000 end users.

That was a unique approach at the time to share in the risks of our transactions equally with our investor participants while inviting outside investors along as well. We did not work with individual investors at all.

David used what was at the time, one of the most sophisticated investor analytical tools available. We wrote the code from scratch in Fortran IV+ operating in the Unix environment. Our guys wrote the first and then only Fortran compiler that existed in Unix.

We were the very first non-Bell Telephone companies ever to have purchased and deployed Unix in a commercial application. Our team of coder/programmers were students from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, University of Penna.  At that time there were no non-student Unix coders at all. We had a lot of fun and exploited Unix to its fullest.

Design and Computer Design Print & Web

With a significant course change, David moved into creating his own design company using what were at the time "bleeding edge" computer design programs. We were early adopters of Photoshop and Illustrator long before those programs' market acceptance and ventured into the field of making our own film negatives for print. (Nowadays a non-existent skill-set.)

At the time we engaged in design for printed catalogs which was challenging in that there was no tech support for this. We had to create our own level of understanding and write our own code for a lot of applications. That was then, now it is far more sophisticated of course.

It was an obvious step to become web design creators long before there was a "web"... bleeding edge stuff again. It created a very strong and in-depth knowledge as we grew with the internet from scratch to where it is now. We have never been solely "designers" nor solely "coder/programmers" either. We were both together.

Always trailing along in all this has been a strong results-oriented and sales-and-conversion-oriented goal. It has meant that we focus on sales and conversions for our clients.

It has been great fun. David's LINKEDIN page is here.

Matt - Mostly Programming & Coding

Hi, I'm Matt. I live and work in Colorado. Like so many WordPress developers, we live all over the place. And, like David, we both are dedicated to 100% U.S. based services with 0% outsourcing outside the U.S. While I mostly do programming and coding I love to work with design as  well.

I have earned two degrees in Computer Science and I am also a systems security certified consultant.

While I work mostly with PHP I have a lot of in-depth experience coding in JavaScript and working with Html and CSS. To me, the web is a worldwide people-connection enabler which is why I love working with internet websites in WordPress and Html so much.

I have long since become a WordPress devotee as it is the platform most suited to publish information and ideas and, of course, also just plain old selling products too. I've become a WooCommerce expert and feel that in most cases it is the best eCommerce platform operating within WordPress.

I am proficient in PHP, Html, CSS, JavaScript, oracle-logo-2Java 7 (standard edition)


(ICS)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional


WordPress Plugin Development

I have developed several WordPress plugins specifically tailored to my clients' unique needs.

defense-agency-logo-2Information Technology Planner - Defense Intelligence Agency

I led Defense Intelligence Agency Information Technology planning for intelligence operations from March 2013 to August 2014.

  • We created produres for architecture Functional Support Plans (FSP) to document intelligence community support to combatant commanders' contingency and crisis plans
  • We reviewed plans from other Department of Defense agencies as the DIA Chief Information Officer's primary Joint Planning and Execution Community (JPEC) representative
  • We oversaw the planning efforts of 11 government and contractor personnel stationed globally throughout 11 combatant commands
  • And we interfaced with the Joint Staff, JIOC personnel & DIA's IT enterprise to improve warfighter support

airforce-agency-logo-3Flight Commander USAF

Supervised four real-world global missions and managed and maintained $12.5 million of equipment. Oversaw operations of secure satellite terminals valued at $4.1 million.

You can visit my website at:  MATT and my LINKEDIN Page as well.

Here Are Some Completed Projects

cell-phone-1 and Plugin Logos-3

curling-250wideGood Curling

We created a WordPress Plugin that manages teams, games, and players for curling leagues. The plugin was comprised of 6 completely different hand-crafted interfaces along with the backend server logic for scheduling games, managing players and teams.

world-travel-250wideLibertad Travel

We created another custom WordPress plugin for Libertad Travel. We incorporated a lot of input from the company owner. It is a WooCommerce extension created to handle routes, travelers, and ticket sales for bus tours within Mexico.

lifting weights-250wideCF Wod Posts

Created to enable CrossFit gym owners to have an easy way to post their daily workouts to their sites.

It 100% free and open source along with being very well received by its users. It needed almost zero maintenance and has been working well for several years. We ensured maximum backwards compatibility.


carex tours-250wideCarex Tours

We've been working with Carex since 2015. A lot of our work included custom Google Analytics events, and migrating the site from one host to another. You can click HERE to visit this site.


wordpress themes and artworkCustom WordPress Theme Creation

Both David and Matt have different approaches to creating custom WordPress themes. Matt goes the route of careful CSS creation and editing along with integration with PHP.

And David goes the non-coding route of handling all page/post elements through an in-depth theme design tool.

We wind up with totally unique themes and arrive at the end result through different but powerful methods.

mobile-veterinary-clinicLone Tree Equine Veterinary Services

We built this site to enable our veterinary client to find his clients using GPS positioning.