Print On Demand Magazine Shown Below

We created these 12 page 8-1/2" x 11" magazines to showcase our design services for possible new clients. The printed copies are available in 5-6 days and can be ordered 1 at a time if one chooses or more as needed for one low price.

Our Print and Print-on-Demand

We started all this in Print in the first place. Then 15 years ago migrated to Internet and then several years ago migrated again to WordPress.

But, having a very strong experience-level in print means that we cover the whole multimedia spectrum. And, that is for good reason: it takes a multimedia approach not only to gain customers but to retain them.

Print on Demand

The technology to print great-looking color (FABULOUS-looking color) onto quality paper directly from a digital input file (PDF) and to do so for ONE copy has matured... w-a-y matured! And to do so at a very low cost for ONE copy is remarkable. That meas you can print ONE catalog or ONE market-specific brochure or newsletter at a few bucks, delivered! And that's it!

Why this is so important is that you can provide ONE tailored catalog to a client or prospect in days without having footed the bill for normal offset printing where you must print at least 1,000 or more to spread its costs sufficiently to make each copy cheap *.

Match Market Sectors

Now you can match the specific needs of particular market sector with a printed catalog (or mini-brochure) and deliver it in days... for just ONE copy (more is Ok too.)

Responsive To Each Market Immediately

That responsiveness, days not weeks nor months, along with tailored printed materials specific to each market with ZERO inventory costs and no offset printing overhead to amortize is a big deal.

It works with Newsletters too. Your blog or catalog site can deliver a printed newsletter or mini-magazine (or a normal magazine too) within days. And it is also tailored to each recipient if needed.

You do need to talk with us about this as it is really a big deal. Don't just assume that web/internet content deliver is it! It's not.

The available sizes range all over the lot and it includes BOOKS too... one at a time and done & delivered in less than a week.


* Of course, if you know you need several thousand copies then you do use offset as the per-copy cost is very low. But until then, you go Print-on-Demand.



All Examples Below Are Print on Demand by MagCloud Printers

All Photos Shown Below Are From MagCloud, our Print-on-Demand printers. All the photos show publications that are on public display and are available for purchase at MagCloud. Each publication is designed by its respective designer(s) and we have not designed them ourselves. Click here to visit MagCloud.