Skyborough Itself

We have used our corporate jet often to meet deadlines. This jet was recently outfitted with fuel storage enabling cross-country fly-times of no more than 5 days!


Some History

Well, Ok, then, you need a way-back-machine  to find us in the early stages of computer design. And that was focused on print primarily as we were before the internet happened. So, let's say we go back to the 1980's.

Catalogs & Brochures Mostly

We focused where most designers did on brochures, flyers, business cards, and mailers. We were very early participants in computer-based design. That meant that we had to "go it alone" most of the time because there really weren't people to call to ask about why the fonts didn't work and all that.

We grew into doing catalogs at the behest of several clients and learned that field of operations quite thoroughly. We have been at least as focused on finding and creating content, photos, pricing and secondary information as we were on the design itself.

And that is true today: content is often a sparkle in the eye of the client but rarely ever pinned by them anywhere near ready for publication... or, let's say, mostly not ready at all. So, then and now, you have to be a private investigator just to get the content ready before the design even matters at all!

But then, it does matter and accounts are won and lost on design alone. Never mind the content. How it looks is what the President of your client company sees and he/she sure can focus on that like a laser.


Web Designers

We are big fans of buying America.

Along with which we are Veterans and served in US Military for 4 years.

Internet Design and Website Deployment

Early on, the internet was a far more exciting idea than it was a practical end-product. It sure has matured since those early days. We were there throughout all of that early growth.

Big lesson: you have to solve your own problems mostly as not a lot of people knew much more about websites that we did.

Design Has Always Been A Problem

Web page design has always been a problem because it does several things goofily: fonts have been limited (but not anymore), fitting page elements has been goofy too and to a large extent still is... unless... you choose to find "other ways" which we did! And, we have to design not just for desktop viewing but for mobile as well - both together at the same time.

Now, for us, designing a webpage is a far more exciting, fruitful and interesting endeavor as the rules have changed a lot and we went with them.

And Then WordPress Not Only Happened...
But Took Off!

And we took off with WordPress too.  It is now our preferred website platform and we work solely within that environment now.

Where We Are

We are located in Stockton, New Jersey and in Doylestown, PA as well.